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This region that consist of the northern part of the eastern plains of Colombia expands over the departments of Guainia, Arauca, Meta, Vichada and Casanare.

It covers about 155,000 square miles. The economy of this region is based on oil, crops, wind power and livestock, people that live in this departments are known as “Llaneros” (Plains people) and  the way they dress and the food they eat are very peculiar.

The plains are distinguished primarily for its horses, its warm climate, its music played with the harp, its meats and clothing. This is the perfect site if you are looking for tranquility and adventure at the same time. The main dish around these parts is veal, rabbit in a wine sauce or arepa con guarapo (corn treat with a fermented drink).

Many Festivals and fairs take place among this regions, festivities such as;-The Festival of the slave trade-The National Song Festival and International Joropo (local dance) Tournament-Festival of the Patron of Arauca. Local Parks:Parque El Hacha (Axe), The Malocas Park, Sikuani Park, Founders Park and last but not least the  Ocarros Bio-park.

The plains cover 28% of Colombian territory and the largest city in the region is Villavicencio, capital of Meta, also known as Villao or “La puerta del llano” its green wide landscapes full of natural scent that emanates from the earth, producing a feeling of total tranquility and relaxation. Everywhere in the region is possible to rent llanero style cabins or stay in hotels, the feeling of being at the eastern range can be felt just about anywhere you go, it is a good vacation feeling.

Something that can not be left out is horse back riding, around the beautiful open spaces of this region and witness the incredible and breath taking sunsets. The plains are divided between Venezuela and Colombia. The Meta River is the most important river here in the plains, since it cuts this Colombian land diagonally being supplied by mane more rivers along the way. There is a reason why this is so important, due to this combination of rivers, there is a wonderful biodiversity of more than 450 species of birds. If you travel to Colombia, make a stop here at the plains, you will take some unbelievable memories with you.


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