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The image of Baby Jesus is located at the 20 de Julio church, located in the neighborhood  under the same name in the south east of Bogota in Colombia. It is considered the favorite of divine figures in the whole country, since a large part of faithful Colombians hold the care of their families and make requests to Baby Jesus in order to improve their lives.

The church was built in 1942 and the image was sculpted by the artisan Blas Brando, at the warehouse of the Vatican store in Bogota, at the request of the Italian priest Juan del Rizzo, who design it in 1935. It is said that every Sunday this church is visited by over 240,000 faithful followers of our Baby Jesus.

This area is a little congested since there are many street vendors selling clothing, food, bags, shoes, blankets and more. Be aware that there are so many people attending, that you should arrive at least 20 minutes before the Eucharist Mass or you might be left standing outside behind the crowd. But do not worry if you can not get all the way inside the church, you will still be able to hear Mass from the square outside. Once Mass is over, you can enjoy the local meals such as hen stew, ribs, tamales and picaditas(appetizer tray)with papa Criolla, blood sausage and chicharron.

Video: Iglesia 20 de Julio


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