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One of the largest resorts Cafam Melgar Colombia is located in the department of Tolima, a municipality of Melgar, just 3 hours from Bogota by public transport or private car in two hours.

Known by all members of the compensation fund is composed of restaurants, swimming pools, a zoo, playgrounds for children and adults, sauna, jacusi, spa, nightclubs, hiking, go-kart track, among many other activities that can develop your stay.

It is not necessary to be affiliated with this compensation fund to enjoy the place, but must take into account what time of year you want to rent one of the cabins, because in high season, this place is exclusive to all members.

Here children have their own place, called "Cafalandia", built especially to be the ones who most enjoy and download all your energies, you will find as Carousel Rides, Train, Dumbo, dragons, barnny the castle pink house stone sink, parks and a go-kart track, which also provides services for adults.

And if the heat is stifling, you want to cool off, do not worry, because the resort has 15 pools including the Olympics, you can enjoy without paying for a dip in the time when the cabin is already rented included regardless of whether it is for 5 or 14 people. Remember that every person outside the family must pay an additional of 10,100 per night for members.

Adults will find the Club of the Ferns and Club Almond space to renew your body and mind in the sauna, jacusi, Spa, but if you need to send some information or communicate with someone can do it from the Internet Café, on the other next to a bowling alley, shuffleboard, frog, billiards, table tennis and evening look with your partner or friends a good movie in the cinema or if you love the rumba end the day at the club, taking a cocktail or liqueur according to their tastes.

For the whole family and fans of this sport there are several soccer fields and micro soccer, if you definitely do not like, not toil there are basketball and tennis, but who did not experience a different sport guitaría and feel at the beach, for it is the sand volleyball court, or if you prefer a quieter sport, there is golf. Should not carry the materials you need to play, simply come in one of the shops where you can buy what you need.

If depronto there any sports that you like or just like walking, visit the replica of St. Augustine Archaeological Park, walk the path of life, get to the lake and boating, then finish at the zoo observing the wonderful wild animals. This has no cost.

Be very careful with children and the elderly, do not lose sight of by any means, but if some kind of minor accident can go to the medical center will receive the first auxilios.

Claro that if you bring very young children or elderly The move from one place to another can become a torture, the resort has the Cafa - Chiva, which takes you all over the place and thus enjoy all the attractions. This has no cost.

Information and reservations: - Line Integral Cafam 307 7011

Central Reservations Hotels Cafam: PBX.: 646 8000 Ext: 2382 - 1415 - Phones: 273 0205 - 627 7633.

Centralized Services Cafam: Tels: 323 0024 - 313 4900 - 257 5992.

Mobile Offices: PBX.: 646 8000 Ext 3037. 
For more information on how to book a cabin go to this link.


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