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Cundinamarca is a department rich in amenities that range from a weekend by the pool to a quiet night in a colonial town. The ample roads and the multitude of things to do make this generous region a perfect destination spot.

This department is located in central Colombia, between the Magdalena River and the central mountain range that covers much of its territory, which is used for agricultural purposes while taking advantage of the variety of thermal levels, soil and water, which seems endless in this area.

The variety of climates in the area has been an important part of the tourism as well as the economy of the region making it one of the most powerful in the country. The extreme sports have fulfill the thirst of  thrill seekers, who can visit towns such as Tobia, Nimaima, Villeta and San Antonio del Tequendama to submit completely to the adrenaline in dreamy landscapes in which they can do rafting, rappel and also visit the Tobia Canopy one of the highest in the world.

The steep hills are a challenge for the large number of climbers that approach Suesca to climb some of its slopes, which reach levels of difficulty recommended only for experts. There is also plenty of air space to soar like an eagle from the Pionono hill in the town of Sopo.

One of the more traditional plans in Cundinamarca is going out of town in search of warmer climates, cooling off by the pool or a spa, this plans grow in number every day. Most of the spots of the southwestern department offer places suitable for swimming, but municipalities like Villeta, Girardot, Ricaurte and Tocaima are leaders in the field.

They also have hot springs pools, which offer entertainment besides a healthy choice for body and soul. Most of these resorts are well equipped with accommodation such as pools, Jacuzzi and saunas.

Tabio and Chocontá are the two towns worth visiting if you have this plan in mind.  If camping is your thing, you will find a wide variety of places to stay and trails to walk while enjoying the wild live and looking at the wonderful land escapes. Neusa Park, Suesca, La Vega and the reservoir of Tominé are just some of the options you have to get away from the hustle and crisscrossing of the city.

This eco-tourism attractions offer sites such as the lagoon in Sesquilé Guatavita or Lake Peter Paul Tena, where you can hike through different ecosystems while enjoying close contact with different fauna and flora.

Groups of family or friends can be entertained in the spacious and welcoming parks such as Caro Bridge in Sopó or the Tunjo boulders in Facatativa. You can also find theme parks or thrill rides such as Jaime Duque, Panaca Sabana located between Briceno and Zipaquirá.

The towns of Cundinamarca are simply captivating; most of them maintain a clean architecture, facades that blend in narrow streets where you can walk at night without worrying about being run over by cars.

In several of this spots you can find housing or just a weekend in towns like Utica, Tenjo or Guatavita to get out of the routine is to give the body a little walk through the savannah tranquilidad.Un, accompanied by a picnic lunch in a restaurant is the best plan to drive out for a while on the road, leaving behind, along with the miles, the preoccupations of modern life.

A Chocontá strawberries, cheese or chopped Ubaté in Calera are just the appetizers of a comprehensive letter gastronómicos.Cabalgatas delicacies, fishing, visits to churches and even rock art are other activities that can develop in a land where the landscapes and climates are not repeated, a range dedicated to leisure and rest.


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