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7.parquesarqueologicosColombia has 4 archaeological parks that preserve relics left behind by the first settlers of the country. Over the years, work has been done in order to recovery and study each of the pieces that are there. These parks play an important role in Colombian tourism.

In Cundinamarca we find the Archaeological Park of Facatativá. Located one hour from Bogota and within the urban area of the town. There are about 50 carved stones, that show some important images that reveal the daily life of the first inhabitants of this place, for example, the chicha stone, a rock with a 390 foot hole that was used to make chicha a fermented drink that was shared among its people.

In the Department of Cauca you'll find the Archaeological Park Tierradentro(deep within the land), a world heritage site selected by UNESCO(United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), where you will find labyrinths in the depths underground, caves, rock art, painted rocks and most importantly, you can see burial places and tombs of past rulers and high priests. This is a place where rituals are woven along with myths and legends that make this wonderful place a site you must see.

In the department of Huila, you will find the Archaeological Park of San Agustín. Here you will see a lot of carved stones with images such as great gods, people, priests and rulers who at one time had control of an entire indigenous tribe. When children see such beauty, they manage to tickle the curiosity in adults with questions that generate answers for easy learning and its fun for everyone.

On the Caribbean coast we'll find La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, location of Ciudad Perdida "Lost City", home of the Tayrona tribe. In this place you will see one of the most beautiful indigenous cultures that has ever existed in a country such as Colombia, It was such a culture, that you can still find descendants of these tribe among people from around here and you might get a chance to ask about their experiences, myths, legends and some of their rituals.

These parks are true witnesses to the civilizations that inhabited these Colombian territories before the Spanish arrived. Being here and experiencing it, it is nothing more than understanding a little part of our past that enriches the South American culture.

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